Pearl Valley Eggs in one of the most environmentally conscious egg farms in the country. Environmental stewardship is an important core value we live every day, which is why we work diligently to achieve full-circle sustainability on our farm.

How We Do It

Our farm is designed to care for our birds throughout every stage of their life, from newborn chick to growing pullet to an adult hen. When our mature birds are ready to lay, they are moved into the henhouses. These houses are equipped with an advanced belt system that is programmed to bring food to the hens, collect eggs for processing and packaging, and carry away manure to the compost facility.

In the egg-wash facility, the eggs are given a gentle bath to remove any debris from their shells. Our on-site wastewater treatment plant collects the dirty water and pumps it into two SBR (sequencing batch reactor) tanks, where 4,000 gallons of water is aerated daily to separate the solid matter from the clear water. The excess solids are pumped into the reed bed, where it is used to fertilize the plants.

In the compost facility, the chicken manure is collected and air-dried in a safe, sophisticated, natural process to create an odor free fertilizer rich in nutrients, organic matter, proteins and carbohydrates. This compost is sold through the farm’s Pearl Valley Organix professional and consumer fertilizer division, known as Healthy Grow®. Many local farmers also purchase the fertilizer for their crops, which we buy and process at our on-site feed mill for our birds.

Through responsible, efficient use of our land and natural resources, we can help reduce the farm’s carbon footprint without compromising the health of our hens and the quality of our eggs.

About Pearl Valley Organix and Healthy Grow®

Pearl Valley Organix is the farm’s on-site composting division that makes Healthy Grow® organic fertilizers from our chicken manure. We collect the chicken waste in a safe, sophisticated manner and air dry it in a controlled and natural process to ensure Healthy Grow compost maintains a healthy population of beneficial microbes to help plants thrive.

Healthy Grow organic fertilizer products are sold for use on golf courses and sports fields to help create healthy, lush playing surfaces that can withstand the demands of everyday play and major tournaments. Landscaping professionals, organic farmers, homeowners and gardeners also use Healthy Grow products to help improve soil conditions for growing hearty lawns, flowers and vegetables.

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