Caring for Our Hens

As an early adopter of humane animal care practices and industry safety standards, Pearl Valley Eggs has created a farm that is focused on keeping our hens healthy and happy. Hens are checked on and cared for 365 days a year. Barns are clean and contain the latest temperature control technology to ensure ideal conditions are maintained, keeping the birds warm in winter and cool in summer. Modern cages exceed standard sizes – 27.7" X 22.6" – and have a maximum capacity of eight birds per cage, giving them ample room to move around. The computerized feed mill ensures feed is fresh and quality controlled. Each week a nutritionist makes sure food rations are accurate and frequent health checkups are conducted by a veterinarian. Additionally, multiple bio-security measures are in place to minimize the potential for risk and help prevent contamination.

Because we hold our farm to the highest standards, we conduct monthly self-audits and annual third-party audits to ensure our bio-security measures are properly positioned. Our best practices include: