Our word is as good as our eggs.

For more than 25 years, our family farm has proudly built a strong reputation for producing the finest-quality eggs by focusing on humane hen care and sustainable farming practices.

Every day our hens lay fresh eggs, which are shipped within 48 hours to retailers nationwide. In fact, many retailers choose to carry Pearl Valley Eggs because of our speedy delivery, premium quality, commitment to food safety and focus on sustainability. We take great pride in the fact that our family of loyal employees are dedicated to the healthy, humane treatment of our hens.

With Pearl Valley Eggs, you can trust us to deliver the best products, service and experience possible because we believe in doing what’s best for our customers, our hens and our environment.

Ensuring Safety, Freshness, & Quality

Pearl Valley Eggs incorporates the egg industry’s latest technologies into our daily operations. Systems in place to help ensure the safety, freshness and quality of our eggs include:

  • Bar coding
  • Dating
  • Direct-to-store delivery
  • Inventory management
  • Private labeling and specialty packaging
  • Robotics
  • Scan-based trading
  • Traceability

The Cycle of Sustainability

Committed to Food Safety

Pearl Valley Eggs is recognized by multiple government agencies and industry regulatory bodies for our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards throughout all areas of operation.